what to expect

What To Expect

We understand that finding a church can be scary.

Walking into a unfamiliar place, filled with new faces and new practices can be pretty confusing and unsettling for a first-time guest. That’s why we created this page; to answer your questions and give you a small glimpse of what to expect during your visit with us.

Below you will find a number of common questions that people just like you have asked about our church. Just click on each topic if you need further information.

What kind of church is New Life and what do you believe?
New Life is a Purpose Driven, Christ-centered, family oriented church. We are an independent church that is proud to be connected to great church movements like the Purpose-Driven Church.We are a church ‘for our time’ that holds tightly to the ‘timeless’ teachings of the Bible. Click the link for more information about our doctrinal beliefs.
Will I have to dress up?
No. Because we are a casual church you don’t have to wear suits, ties, or dresses (unless, of course, you want to!). The only thing we ask is that you be comfortable…and modest.The important thing is that you come to worship!
What time do your services start? How long do they last?
Our lives are busy and our schedules get kind of hectic. So, at New Life we have created two identical Sunday morning services (9am and 11am) to give you options that better fit your schedule. You can attend the service that works best for you! Services usually run about an hour and 15 minutes and have Student Ministrynursery care, preschool classes, and children’s ministry.
Where are you located and where can I park?
Our main church building is located on 3414 State Route 208, New Wilmington, PA. Kids Pre-K to 6th grade can be registered for Sunday School in the children’s building – look for signs.We meet for adult worship in the main auditorium, the parking signs will guide you.You can call us at 724.946.2816 for more personalized help.
How will I know where to go?
Once you park there are signs, maps, and greeters located at each door. Our friendly greeters will be glad to direct you, answer your questions, or to escort you to any place you need.
What do you offer for my kids? How will I know if they need me?
We have excellent, safe, children’s ministry programs that are designed to provide quality care and biblical instruction for your children.Click below for more information.AllStars Elementary Age Children’s Program
Shining Stars PreschoolYou may register your children in the lobby before the services. You and your child will be given identical tag numbers. If we need to contact you during the service the number will be called into our tech staff and your number will flash on the screen in the main auditorium.We believe you and your children will have a better time (and a more age-appropriate experience) in our Kids ministries, but we do understand that while you are checking us out you may feel more comfortable keeping your children with you. If so, please help us by being sensitive to those around you and by monitoring your child’s noise and distraction levels.
Is there anything going on for my Jr. High or Sr. High kids?
Teens have their own get together time each Sunday morning at 11am upstairs in the loft. For more information about New Life Students, the Jr. and Sr. high school programs and ongoing events, click here!
Will I be singled out in any way as a visitor?
We want you to be able to come and enjoy the service as our guests.  No one will single you out, put a sticker on you, ask you to speak, or force you to fill out any information about yourself.  You will, however, be greeted by friendly people at our doorways, be given an opportunity to shake hands with people near you during the service, and be invited (if you want to) to fill out an information card.  (If you fill out this card you will receive a welcome letter and information about the church and/or ministries you express interest in).  No one will show up at your doorstep without an invitation!  That’s our promise to you.  We respect your privacy!  You can place that information card in the offering basket (in place of a monetary offering) or drop it off at our Welcome Center.  Our Welcome Center is staffed by helpful people who will be glad to give you information about our church, programs, and ministry opportunities.
What will the service (music and preaching) be like?
We attempt to provide music and teaching that is contemporary, interesting, and relevant to your life.You will usually experience about 20 minutes of music and singing, followed by some announcements that correspond to events posted in our bulletin, and then about 40-45 minutes of practical Bible teaching.We use many different translations of the Bible, but stick most often with the New King James Translation.We work hard to make sure the multi-media church experience is engaging, Biblical and informative for adults of all ages!
Are you going to ask me for my money?
It does take money to run a church.  And giving is a godly spiritual habit.  But money is not what we are about!  We do take a collection during our worship service, but that collection is meant for our regular attendees and members.  We routinely ask our guests and visitors to refrain from putting any money in the offering baskets but to simply let it pass them by during that portion of the service.  To learn more about giving and tithing, click here.
How can I find out about upcoming events or answers to my questions about New Life?
You can always find up-coming events listed in your weekly bulletin, at the Information center and on the home page of mynlbc.com.

You may also call the church office during the week at 724.946.2816.

For other questions relating to spiritual needs, prayer requests, counseling, or other ministry related needs please do not hesitate to contact us.


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