Our Values

The following values motivate everything we do here at New Life. If you take even one of these things away…New Life ceases to be. But, if you accept these Biblical values, you will be well on your way toward living out what Jesus Christ values in our church…and in your life!

What Drives Us

We believe that God’s Word, shared in a culturally relevant and doctrinally pure way, is the catalyst for transformation in individual lives, the church, and the world.

We believe that God loves, reaches out to, and accepts seekers…and, that we should too.

We believe that helping people connect with Christ and His Church should be a primary goal for every believer.

We believe that every believer should yearn for continuous spiritual development in order to grow more intimate with God and to become more like Jesus.

We believe that fully devoted followers of Christ should steward their spiritual gifts by serving in a ministry (in the church) and a mission (in the world) that best fits their God-given shape.

We believe that Growth Groups, little communities where grace-filled relationships are formed, are the optimal place for life-change and ministry development.

We believe that God-honoring change is normal and healthy for all growing believers and churches. Therefore, we will always seek to be Christ-centered, family oriented and Bible based, and Purpose Driven.


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